The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July; How Many More ??

Here we are, nipping at the heels of August. The days are cooler and a bit shorter and the sky is not as brilliant as it was a few weeks ago. ( the yellow is because the blog would not let write anything.. so this how I got around it.) It seems that we wait so long for the warmer longer days and suddenly, they are numbered and fading. Especially so if the previous weather was unpleasant. However, what can one do but shrug it off and continue living one's life?

On Friday, Vanessa from Booth Boys Barn came over and took away a few roosters. Sadly, roosters can be undesirable as there really needs only be a few to a flock. However, due to my fascination with color, I kept a few too many. It was time to select a few to find other homes. The problem is a creation of my own. I know full well that their fate may not be a pleasant one. I only hope, if it was to be so, that it was quick. One of the roosters was J.J.- my very first hatchling who became aggressive. I realize now, I should have done this-shipping off of roos much sooner. My guilt prevented me from it . In exchange for my stock, Vanessa gave me one of her hens "Buffy", who took to the place right away,  a welcome addition.

So, Karberry Farm is still filled with color but I must say, it is far quieter. I am liking this far too much. I still have quite a few roos but some are for breeding purposes and not just for a color whim.

I have started some Christmas knitting. I hate to admit it but in order to have something completed, one must plan ahead. I've discovered that some knitting, plain or boring does have it's rewards. While watching something educational or for entertainment, there is a certain comfort knitting some stranded mittens in a not so complex fair isle pattern or a garter stitch shawl with short rows creating a ruffled edge. I agree with challenging oneself to learn different techniques and varieties... but if they are causing grief, forget it. Life is too short to start a pattern over and over... Put it away and knit something else. There are many other patterns to choose from and my time is of value to me. As summer starts to fade, it makes me wonder how many more summers I have left to enjoy? And the key element here is to enjoy everything!

Here is what I"ve been working on: A lace scarf using sock yarn. It's not blocked. Easy to follow!

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