The farm house

The farm house

Monday, July 22, 2013


This not having a camera to take decent photos is getting to me. Missed moments.. I can only store so much in the already crammed recesses of my mind. I could convey everything I felt fascinating to you using words but that would then be a novel and way too long...and probably as boring as____________.(fill in the blank.)

 Recently, I discovered that selling chicks was a quick way to make some extra dollars. But not that many dollars. It fits in with a farm "business model". Farming is very much a business. Every creature here should earn it's keep or contribute to it's own survival. So, what does that say about keeping horses? They're not called hayburners for no good reason. The fact that I have one at a museum leaves me with a certain chill about the future of these animals in these tough economic times.

Last night, I trashed a knitting project. Yup, took a look at it and was totally dismayed at the look of it. Now, this was something I worked on a few rows here and there and there you have it: wonky stitches that look like, well.. not very nice. I pulled the needle out and started thinking. We're on the last stretch  of July...yeah, you know where I'm going with this. Think colder weather and the most stressful time of the year. I have not started anything for that. Perhaps I should....just think on it...or make a worthiness list....or not!!!

 I am stuck at home again until the truck is repaired-again. The curse of it all is I have no chocolate in my stash. On the job search, still nothing except employers thinking that they can trick me by saying why don't you join our sales team ? In other words, access my database from my previous sales work= NO MORE COMMISSIONED SALES. In fact the last person who tried that I did send an email  asking if it was not an administrative position that was advertised??? The 2 promising ones I saw yesterday, well I could not proceed as a user agreement would not open and another would not accept the password I had just created...karma.

Must skirt more fleece......

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