The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July? Where Is The Sun??

It's July. Looking at the color of the sky, I'd say November or February. As it stands, I don't like theses shades of grey with all the shades of green. I much prefer the greenery highlighted by sunlight...these moments are few and far between this Spring..oh yeah, it's Summer now!! Who knew?? Well, things must still be tended to, although challenging to clean eavestroughing and paint fences when rain is imminent or forecasted for the next 4 days...

It surely is a contrast to last summer and is it any different in the end result? So, not a farmer by trade, I have observed enough to come to the conclusion that one , like investments, must diversify in order to gain more profit in case crops don't yield or die off etc... So, in my corner of the world, if you are fortunate enough to hold a milk quota, you also do crops. The milk quota pays the bills, the crops keep everyone's more complicated than that but you get the idea. So, I feel badly for the folks who sell Farm CSAs. You buy a share and in return you get vegetables...So far. Strawberries are the only bumper crop I've heard of, besides mosquitos!!

So here's a pic of something not entirely green and not grey!

I still have some fleece for sale. I will be contacting the Mill to see how far down the waiting list I am....

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  1. All the sunshine is down here in OR right now!