The farm house

The farm house

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?? (in my mind)

I've been asked by my oldest son on a few occasions,if I could meet a celebrity, "Who" would I like to meet?..My answer: "Dead or alive? "For this exercise we will stick to the living: much easier to contact for the time being. anything, that would depend very much on my mood. After some thought on the matter,one person comes to mind. Someone with whom I believe I would surely enjoy an evening discussing, conversing and laughing..

For certain, one person would probably do most of the discussing and that would not be myself. This celebrity has done so much, that one evening would only whet my appetite for all the creativity he has to offer. Yes it is a man. A man who is still alive and is struggling with the demons of sometimes ending it all. Depression is a very real disease. I occasionally flutter around the cusp of that bi-polar monster. Scintillating, fascinating and humorous are words that I would use to probably describe how all ensued.

Now, since this is Blog and I am  at the helm of how things go, I think this is a fascinating topic and encourage everyone to think on it.It's not as daunting as" You're stranded on an island and you have but one book to keep with you: which one is it??" Oh the pressure....Doesn't keep up at night but again, being a mutable person, it is a difficult decision. I need a book for all seasons, all moods etc...

My dinner date is not impossible but highly improbable as I, little(not so much in girth but in height) middle aged me,does not socialize in the same circles as said celebrity. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he could read this?? ..and subsequently laugh. My recent admiration for this man came about when watching an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are". I have been researching my own family tree and have come upon a few roadblocks. So far nothing terrible has occurred, to my knowledge except for an estate being misappropriated and every generation after that, poor but hard working and enjoy a glass or two or three...

His family story did have some very unpleasant surprises. His sensitivity and determination to find out a bit more, knowing that the outcome could possibly be terrible had me sold on his being just like everyone else-human. It is in these moments that the celebrity stops being and the true person you are comes out. There is little to be done in the way of hiding anything so deeply rooted.

Alas, I will not be waiting by the phone to ring or running to the mail box for my invitation.Nor will I be stalking the man in hopes of this opportunity to come to realization. In my mind, the event has already occurred and I will cherish the moment always. Oh, my dinner date was Stephen Fry.

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