The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It Starts Now...

It's here. The culmination of so much effort and I am not disappointed. All my wool is now roving and skeins. Soon, it will be online for purchase and then the fun begins.I now have a better idea of how much things cost for the next processing. My spot is already booked and if it took 2 months to complete what I've sent off, I should have it all back in time for Fall fairs and the busy knitting season.

Patience has been required for this leg of the journey. Now to get the website up and going...2014 had better be an improvement. I have tried doing things differently in order to get a different outcome and things are still dismal. So, perhaps it's just a time issue?Sadly, we live in a time where we are so dependent on utilities to make our way through life. I would be happy in a cabin with a woodstove and candles and a lap full of knitting. This blog would be a journal entry on good ol' paper.

My Christmas knitting nears completion and then I begin my knitting again. Finishing some pieces I have started and maybe a few new ones. I should attempt designing a few items to use my own wool. I have some ideas on some new skeins for processing. Yup, certainly an adventure...

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