The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Poor Octavia!

Well, once again what a week. If you are superstitious, yesterday was Friday the 13th. My bad luck has been running all year long. So, the 31st being the reverse of 13 would be a good omen?? We'll see. Meanwhile, on Thursday the 12th, a frigid day and it continues to be so, little Octavia broke her foreleg. How she managed to do it we can all speculate but I did not see her do it but saw a dangling limb and a lamb who was not weight bearing.

What to do? I knew something was wrong but how severe? Best to call the professionals on this. The vet arrived as the last call after 3:00 pm that day. Sure enough a confirmed fracture. While I waited for the vet to arrive, I observed that Octavia was shivering. Could be shock, pain, cold any or all of the above. So, I put a wool vest on her as I had nothing smaller to fit her. Remember a while back, I had posted a vest I had knit using wool from another project and I had not steamed the wool after unraveling and it created a lumpy surface on the back of the vest? Well, Octavia
sported a lovely cabled wool vest no less for her first vet visit.

As you can see above, she was made as comfortable a s possible while the sedation wore off. We had to come inside for the cast to cure properly and it didn't hurt to warm her up. Today is still cold and a winter storm is sneaking up on us. The wind is picking up and not many people are travelling on our road even though the holiday shopping is on full tilt. I am going through hay like water just to keep all the critters warm- far too cold for December. It makes me cringe for January.

Now to make some bread and bake it before the power may go out??? Horrible thought in this cold weather but an absolute reality when they are calling for high gusts and snow....

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