The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August Is A Peculiar Month...

August is..a peculiar month. The days can be sunny and extremely warm while the mornings and evenings can be rather chilly. The daylight is fading causing the blue of the sky to become more of a pastel than a dark rich Wedgewood color. The flowers are fading and the vegetables are ripening as are the crops. This maturing produces a golden hue over the landscape.

Soon, more colors will be more apparent as we prep ourselves for colder days. I like the Fall-knitting begins full tilt. Although, lately I've been so busy taking care of the sheep to get any real good knitting time in..ironic isn't it? At the Farmer's market last week, I was asked how I could knit while it was so warm? I pushed all sarcasm aside and replied because die-hard knitters knit all the time. But seriously, if you drank hot coffee, baked bread, cooked a meal, all of this and more on hot days, I suspect no-one would critique but one might empathize at you sweat...

Already, there are a few maples and shrubs displaying a new look...
I am looking froward to the new colors but not the new weather. How about you?

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