The farm house

The farm house

Friday, August 8, 2014

Some Days Are Just...

Yesterday was one of those days,when everything you do turns to sh--!

It began with waking up earlier to travel with son #2 to his workplace in order for me to have the car to drive son #3 to work later. I realize as I'm getting ready to leave and putting dog out that there are 2 more bodies sleeping in my house-friends of son #3.

I return with car an hour later, boys are still here, my hay that was to be delivered last night was not. I begin to water and feed the chickens, turkeys etc..anyone who can be fed and needed feeding. Boys follow me out and ask if I can drive them to  a local friend's home. I offered breakfast but they wanted to go. Just then hay arrives. I said I will feed and then go. All is good. Except that the Partridge Chanteclers that I had isolated the night before so I could obtain purebred eggs had left?? No feathers, door locked???Oh,my! I discover a piece of fencing had become detached and they "flew the coop"! Plan B- breeding will be slightly delayed...
Drive boys, come back-check the garden-overgrown with weeds and difficult to access due to electronet fencing for sheep. Gain access and search for sage that I had planted.

Bitten by all kinds of insects, I find the sage and really need to clean out that section, next time when I bring gloves and bathe in mosquito repellent. I notice yellow beans that need picking but I didn't bring a bowl, but..maybe I can collect in my shirt? As I reach to pick them I hear a cat screeching as if fighting. I look over to see it is Ray, large male and dominant, excellent mouser by the way. He had got himself caught in the sheep fencing. He managed to free himself but he also managed to pull a small section out of place.
I repair. At  this point I think, resistance is futile. For the rest of the day, do nothing,think happy thoughts- your attitude will change the outcome. Sure, in theory,maybe.

I decide to knit a few rows. I am behind but a few rows here and there do add up.I decided then that surely, this luck thing is fiction and decide to trim the weeds and saplings by the front gate. Foiled again by a pair of clippers that have sprung to have my thumb caught in the handles.

I decide to relax until it's time to drive son to work. We won't go into the gas station incident. I arrive at son#2's workplace and hubby calls to say he will be picking up son #3 as they don't need him today!! WTH? They could have called- all that driving and gas and time for nothing.

Today is a better day and that's all it is: another day.

A few pics...
New ram lamb
New spotted ewe lamb! She's camera shy!!
Here's Aster in Mom's favorite corner!

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