The farm house

The farm house

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Bittersweet End Of The Month

Poor Maverick- has passed away.

Thursday am I noticed that he was not up and about like the others. It happens-they don't all chew cud at the same time. But, when he did get up,his neck was tilted to one side and not moving too swiftly. What, oh what could it be? Well at first I thought pulled muscle? Horn caught? No- looks more like a deficiency of sorts. I solicited to advice from some established Shetland breeders and - a thiamine deficiency is  upon what we all concurred.

Next, find some B1 or Thiamine to inject...After calling several feed stores, only one had it, the vet did not have any...time is of the essence with these things.Meanwhile my meat birds are being processed and within hours, people will be coming to pick up. what rotten timing. By the time we located the Thiamine,he was down. I gave him 4 doses and I rubbed him under his chin. A little while later, he was up. He stayed standing for some time. My day went on; he was still not out of the woods.

Next morning , he may have been blind at this point,I found the water bucket upturned and the ram tangled in the electro-net, dead. A very unpleasant sight at 5:48 am.

Now, what to do? In a couple hours we are heading to almost Peterborough to pick up a ram and ewe lamb!! I felt horrible and a few what ifs were starting to cloud my mind. Well, what ifs exist only in your mind. Sure, different fencing may have helped him live longer? Not 100% certain on that. Would he be ever well enough to reproduce again? would this condition be hereditary?? Well, none of it changes the outcome. He's gone. A friend came and took him and will dispose of him. We agreed that the cost of deadstock removal is crazy and they profit from your unexpected expense.Although, I prefer losing a ram over a ewe any day...

Meanwhile, Dahlia gave birth the night before to  a lovely little ewe lamb-Aster! My concern was poor Dahlia may not be able to stand frequently to feed baby and she is a very thin gal to begin with. She popped that baby out with no difficulties at all! Aster is dark brown like Mom with white on her head and ears, and so tiny but very healthy. I will need to take some photos of her and the new additions.

All the colorful Aunties welcoming the new lamb!

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