The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

But I Don't Have A Belfry

After 6 years of living in a tall house in the country, I was not surprised to hear my youngest son announce that there was a bat flying around upstairs. I replied: "Hmph, it's daylight."

So I trek upstairs and see absolutely nothing different than what was there before. I checked the spare room, nothing. I asked my son what he was smoking because there is nothing "flying" up there.He put his hands up in the whatever pose and walked off. Later as I'm putting laundry away, I opened my bedroom door to gain access to hallway and sure enough!! A bat-flying mid-height in daylight! So, I eventually get it into the bathroom where I suspect it first gained entry through an open window without a screen.(note to self: get screen for window) I opened the window in hopes it would venture out.

I then apologized to my son. I told my other son to not open the bathroom door. Minutes later,I hear doors slamming upstairs. I had forgotten to shut the transom window in the bathroom and so the bat was touring once more. I asked the boys where the bat was. Older says in the spare room. I then said "You were just going to leave it there??" Geez ...I suppose until it's darker...

So now, it's evening,I'm listening to the tv and trying out a new knitting pattern when I hear a holler from the living room. Oh, the bat must be out!! My husband was victim to the kitten being outside on the back porch and the bat swooping over his head right as he made the discovery that the kitten has escaped.

So,I said "Turn the lights on in the kitchen."-the bat was up on the corner of a kitchen cabinet. I grabbed a blanket and said to husband-"Here put this over it and gently grab it with 2 hands. I will open the door to outside." He glared at me. I said" You're taller."Which is the truth. And so with squeaky little noises, the bat was caught and returned to the outdoors to fly around at dusk.

Each evening I wonder if any of  the bats I see are the one who had an indoor adventure and where the heck was it hiding?...

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