The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Knit? Not So Fast...

Tomorrow a friend is going to hospital for some surgery. I would like to take this moment to wish
Rose-Marie Bellinger well, a safe and speedy recovery and to keep up with her amazing attitude in her battle against cancer.May we have more knitting days together!!
On Sunday, I decided I would enjoy the beautiful weather we were experiencing of late. Admittedly, I was feeling just a bit sorry for myself because I could not attend Twist 2014, which is a fibre festival held on the Quebec side. A bit of a drive but I'm sure there was weird and wonderful things to be had. Turns out I exchanged this opportunity by purchasing a rare Lavender Orpington rooster and 2 blue Orpington hens. Have I swapped hens for wool??

I chose my spot on the back porch to catch-up on some knitting. With all the changing and adapting and cleaning to accommodate all the recent additions(woolly and feathered) I've not had much time to knit. Once everything is the way it should be, routine begins and I will be able to squeeze in some needle time...A fleece on the skirting table was begging my attention,my garden was screaming for weeding but I held fast to my resolve. I'm knitting today!!

Not long after I sat, I realized how quiet it was. Very little traffic,a few birds and roosters singing and calling.Crickets were humming and an occasional baa from the backyard making for a fairly peaceful background noise. A horse whinnied. I knew which horse it was. It was Whiskey; he has such a wimpy whinnie. Why is he calling? He only does this if there is a horse trailer around or if he can't see any of his friends...And right now, there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to see his friends unless...

Ah crap! Horses are on the other side of the electric fence. I yell at hubby and I tell him to tell our son that his horse is out. I head for the barn and grab a lead line and a bucket of feed. I head towards what appears to be a colorful spot through the trees- a pinto on the outside of the fence, the other two, inside and a woman who had seen this while driving along and helped put them back inside.

So, I feed them some more hay to keep their mind off all the grass that is beyond the fence and give up any thought of knitting for that day. It took a few hours to eliminate some issues and  repair some sections.
This, has really mad me decide that the 2 horses must be sold. So if anyone wants a Palomino qh gelding, he's yours. The Canadian is for sale...The escape artist will be going for training according to my son.

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