The farm house

The farm house

Monday, July 14, 2014

Almost Midway!!

Wow! So far July is proving to be more of a whirlwind than June and I am coping very well! Fleeces are almost ready to be sent off to become closer to someone's ideal knitting companion.

Yesterday, I learned how to weave a stake and strand basket. I have to say, basket weaving is far more difficult than I ever thought!! I have vines growing on the side of the house and I will see what I can accomplish with those at a later date.

Fleece hasn't been the only thing I've been picking. This year, there seems to be quite a crop of blackberries!

This what's left after making a double batch of scones. Today is a wonderful day for baking or jam making as it is not so incredible hot and humid.

This evening I will be checking out some sheep. There will be a story to follow on this topic and how it came about. Hopefully, there will be some happy ending...

I've also received news that the Fibre Fun festival on Wolfe Island has been cancelled. I was looking forward to that...Now, let's see if all my wool comes back before that was scheduled to see if fate is at hand!!

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