The farm house

The farm house

Monday, July 21, 2014

Here we Grow Again!

Soy beans have been planted in the field across the highway, to the east of the house followed by corn followed by more beans. I know this because I can see what is to the front and a bit on the east side of the house. Having to run through all these fields to catch the new ram that got loose provides one an up close and personal view of the local agricultural landscape. And it was muggy. Corinne from Alpaca Tracks was kind enough to help load and trailer the four new Shetland sheep to my farm and then was super supportive by helping myself and my husband run through the fields to catch the new guy.

A good Samaritan driving along stopped to somewhat corner the ram with her van. He then decided to go through the field there behind the house. An OPP officer stopped to see if all was well. I asked if he had a tranquilizer gun? He grinned, said no and then patted his rifle positioned between the 2 seats. Too terminal I said. But if I can't get him home before the sun goes down, it may be an option. I then told him to  not even think of breaking out the ticket book. I said I was insured for the livestock, explained what happened. Meanwhile, ram had crossed the road. I suggested the officer take the road and come down the right of way from the next concession and perhaps flush him out. He said sure- I don't know much about catching goats. I said that's a ram- sheep- not a goat. And thank you.

Off he went. I saw the SUV turn down the farmer's right away,the dust from the tires and gravel road billowing in the air. The ram did turn and head towards our place. I admit I was almost in tears, yelling here sheepie  come here Elvis and shaking a plastic coffee canister filled with grain. No crying- that's not productive,I must change his name, Elvis will not do for this very reason; if my husband doesn't divorce me now, -he's a keeper..All these thoughts going through my head as I am jogging through the beans. I've never run so much in the last 3 years!!! Hubby and Corinne were ahead of me. I ended up near the corn field,heard some cracking and wondered and waited. Then I heard my chickens making a  ruckus followed by my dog barking- He must be in the yard!! Hubby followed him into the coop but the hens were flying and the ram was off again!! Into the horse paddock where two horses rounded him up and then Corinne and my husband coaxed him around the corner to where he should be. I appeared at he far corner and we did get him into the electronet area. He then tried to make another run through the fence that was not on but we were getting to. His horns got caught in the net but he was ok, so was the fence.

Now all 4 are in their quarantine area. The ram settled right away when he saw his friends. The poor ram did not know where home was so kept running. As frightening and frustrating as that was for the humans, we all understood that and worked together. Supportive friend are an incredible asset! Thank you Corinne and Barry.