The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Due Date : August 7th

Look at that! On the down slide to another month! My garden is thriving despite its wet, rock start! Tomorrow the sheep will arrive. Not the ones I originally agreed to purchase but different ones Shetlands none the less. The other 2 require a road trip and the vendor is pushing now.(biting my tongue)

This past week, I have made an effort to not complain about things. It is in interesting process and I have seen positive results. Will continue to work on this "skill".

Meanwhile, Dahlia-the poor ewe I bought last year with horrible fleece because she came with the others is most definitely pregnant. In fact her due date is Aug 7th as  she jumped the gate on March 15th!! Beware the Ides of March. Hubby's concern is a repeat of Misty, which nothing can foresee ringwomb.I called the vet to see if I could purchase an individual dose of a vaccine that is to be given to sheep approx.3 weeks before lambing.I am trying to ensure a successful outcome...They don't sell individual shots. I thought I would ask as it's kind of off season for the rest of my flock to purchase a jug if it were available. Which it is not. In fact, back ordered for over 3 months! Really?? There are  plenty of commercial flocks around that breed year round....where are they getting their supplies??

Well I gazed into "Teddy's"aka Dahlia's(her fleece last year made her look like a teddy bear so I call her Teddy) eyes and asked myself why must these things be so complicated? Misty was staring at me,poor Misty whose udders are still swollen after her c-section delivery of the dead twins. Almost telepathically, I hear in my mind"because you wouldn't learn anything and you are the learning type"

In my next post I will show you a when she arrived and after a year's difference in Dahlia"Teddy's" fleece. Night and day. A slight change in diet and now we suspect her limp is arthritis. She's been standing more often which is great because how can a lamb nurse from a ewe who lays down a lot?? I will buy bottles and milk replacer just in case...Will be calling the vet about Misty also- we've milked her a bit with difficulty and still big udders....Ah yes, another lesson to be learned. Thank you sheep.

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