The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chicken Day Approaches...

Last night was a busy night,... an eventful night. The meat birds are scheduled for processing Thurs. am. We must bring them inside to be on a strict diet of water for 36 hours and on clean bedding. Sounds simple enough right?? Well, Cornish cross chickens must be the stupidest creatures on the face of the earth. They are in it for the food and that's it. Every year I remember hating this part- getting them inside. They smell, don't cooperate and they are heavy and yes, they do bite...

This was done after we moved the sheep. The reason for moving some sheep was to provide a cleaner area while one pen is being cleaned out. What I had forgotten in my haste to get them moved was that like cows, sheep can climb but are reluctant to drop down.

This meant, nobody was coming out in a hurry causing much stress for my husband, who, does not always understand the queer ways of animal instincts. In the end, I had to enlist the help of my youngest son. From the time I summoned him to come help and the time he came out to the barn, we had heard some cracking noise. My husband and I both turned our heads to see what was happening and a huge branch from a maple tree fell!

Husband says: "Great, more work to do..." I replied, "It can wait-it won't be going anywhere."Luckily our hay had been delivered just minutes before this happening. Sheep were moved. They then behaved as if everyone was new and head butting one another...Silly sheep

Then the meat birds. I took out a few that were slow movers in order to get the chicken tractor closer to the barn.Daylight was fading.
I had to stoop in the chicken tractor, take them out individually which meant being hunched over a lot, take them out and walk them into the enclosure inside the barn. I am dripping with sweat and the buggers are heavy and uncooperative, flapping about and squawking as if I was trying to kill them-not me and soon enough.

So it's after 9pm all is secured, everyone watered and I head for the bath as the chickens smell.

This am, I am a bit stiff from that workout. I'm not sure if I would fare any better if I were in any better physical condition...perhaps if I were a bit younger??

By the way, the new ram's name is no longer Elvis but Maverick in honor of James Garner who passed away the weekend we obtained him.
Maverick and his posse.

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