The farm house

The farm house

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Goodbye June, Hello July!

Hello Folks! It's July and it's summer and it's been hot and hectic around these parts!! Many things are happening but first let's get caught up! Last month I helped count inventory at the local feed store-5 days of fighting illogical entries. After the first day I gave in to the fact that logic was not to play a role in this adventure. Find the item, find the category and count. One of the evening s during that week, I did some bookkeeping for a friend.End of quarter for HST is coming up so to give her a general idea of what to expect to either remit or expect, I did a trial balance sheet. I texted her what she would pay and she launched into a tirade that has me thinking, find yourself another bookkeeper!! She wanted to know why she would have to pay so much... did I put the receipt for her ride-on mower in?? Yes there is more but at the time I wished I could reach through the phone and bring her face close to mine and say:" Not my effing problem"! Crude but so apropos for the rant 6 texts as to why she should have to pay. It's also the type of language that she responds to... I laugh now because, well, it is her problem!

Last month also saw my article for the
Ontario Sheep magazine published!! It's brief and desperately needed in a forum of commercial"meat" sheep land. The day after receiving my copy of the magazine, I received an email message from Carol Precious of Chassagne Farm. Her Father In Law was responsible for bringing the first shetland sheep to Canada. just said that she liked the article!! I was thrilled to hear that from someone who knows the breed so well.

I am still skirting fleeces but the end is near. I plan on shipping them next week in hopes that they will return before the Fiber fest on Wolfe Island.

I've also been offered a flock of Shetland sheep...more on that another post!

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