The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


There are thunderstorms occurring off and on today. Thus, my work is more geared to the inside. I am prepping my fleeces to be sent off. That is, I'm deciding what I want done to each one and then wait for it all to come back.There is a reason why 3 sheep just won't do-volume and thickness. What if I want 3 different weights in 3 different colors etc??? This should keep me busy for a few minutes. Also,since none of the boys are no longer in school, why are there no pens in my office?? I suppose they'll turn up in the land of lost change and mismatched socks...

Yesterday while my world was warmer and drier I took a few photos to share while there is still something blooming in the garden!

A bee hard at work!

I think these are Elderberries??

A lily that is brighter than your typical Day Lily.

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